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It Has Issues With Modern Fashion

KarolinaZebrowskax has released a great video on fashion topics, so she recommends you watch it to see the fashion difference between classic and modern trends.

I. Classic fashion.

Vintage fashion is one of the general terms that refer to clothing models from previous decades. In other words, classic style is a fashion that evokes old beauties. Vintage style clothing was born in the 30s to 60s and possibly to the 90s

II. The problem with modern fashion

KarolinaZebrowskax’s purpose in making this video is to encourage you to find ways to connect more with your clothing, whether it’s historical, vintage, or modern (or anything else), and explore. Curiosity about what clothing means to you and how it actually makes you feel.

My problem with modern fashion is not fashion itself, but really how modern commercial fashion works. I feel it lacks compassion, from mistreating garment workers to polluting our beautiful planet with huge amounts of waste, even calling people “consumers”.

III. The big challenge that the modern fashion industry is facing.

There are many major challenges facing the modern fashion industry and in this video, I share my own experience of how media and fashion have affected self-worth and self-image. body like. mine. I also share a method that helps me feel more connected to myself, to my clothes, and to the people who made the clothes I’m wearing.

IV. KarolinaZebrowskax new fashion trend.

At some point in my life, I decided to completely abandon modern beauty standards. Wearing historical fashion as everyday wear is one of the ways and looking for methods of dressing with which I can connect more deeply. My personal fashion choices, along with my wonderful therapist, have allowed me to feel more accepting of my own body, dramatically boosting the way I see myself and even the world. gender.  Around the world.

V. Audience comments on current fashion trends.

As a pear-shaped woman, I find that classic clothes fit my body. A lot of clothes now are not uniform in size, old clothes tend to be made in the right size. I find that modern clothing companies tend to soften the male look. It’s all about showing off your assets instead of fashion. When I wear vintage, it’s really for me. I like classic clothes because the design is very unique, strange (in modern sense) but at the same time beautiful.


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