Jamie Kah Latest News: The Controversy Surrounding the Star Jockey

The racing world was rocked by scandal when footage of star jockey Jamie Kah surfaced, showing her cutting lines of white powder on a plate with an ID card. This incident has become central to a charge of conduct prejudicial to racing, and has sparked a heated debate about integrity in the sport. In this article, we will delve into the Jamie Kah Latest News, including what has happened to her since the incident and her highly anticipated return to racing. Find out at bovishomme.vn.

What Has Happened to Jamie Kah?

The Allegations Against Kah and McIntyre

On June 17, 2021, Jamie Kah, along with stablehand Ruby McIntyre and friend Jacob Biddell, were at Kah’s home when the now-infamous video was recorded. The six-second clip showed Kah separating lines of white powder on a kitchen plate using an ID card. Still shots from the video were published in the media six days later, causing an uproar in the racing community.

Stewards eventually charged both Kah and McIntyre with conduct prejudicial to racing, citing that their actions had brought the sport into disrepute. The charges against Kah specifically stated that she had “engaged in conduct prejudicial to the image, interests, or welfare of racing” by being in possession of and using a prohibited substance.

Jamie Kah
Jamie Kah

The Victorian Racing Tribunal Hearing

Kah immediately denied any knowledge of McIntyre recording her, stating that she was more affected by alcohol than she would usually be when in the company of strangers. She also admitted to being naive and trusting McIntyre, whom she had only met six hours prior to the incident.

During the hearing at the Victorian Racing Tribunal on Monday, November 8, Kah maintained her innocence and claimed that she did not know what the white powder was. She also stated that she had no intention of using it and was simply being a “good host” by providing the plate and ID card for McIntyre to use.

Jamie Kah’s Return to Racing

The Melbourne Cup Carnival Success

Despite the ongoing controversy, Jamie Kah has been making headlines for her impressive performance at the 2021 Melbourne Cup Carnival. She rode six winners during the four-day event, including a historic win on Spanish Mission in the Melbourne Cup.

Kah’s success at the prestigious racing event has only added fuel to the debate surrounding her charges. Many have questioned whether she should be allowed to continue competing while under investigation, while others argue that her talent should not be overshadowed by the allegations against her.

The Impact on Her Career

The charges against Jamie Kah have undoubtedly had a significant impact on her career. She has been stood down from riding duties by Racing Victoria since the incident, and her future in the sport remains uncertain.

If found guilty, Kah could face a lengthy suspension or even a lifetime ban from racing. This would not only be a devastating blow to her career but also to the racing industry as a whole, as she is considered one of the top jockeys in Australia.

The Support from the Racing Community

Despite the serious allegations against her, Jamie Kah has received an outpouring of support from the racing community. Fellow jockeys, trainers, and fans have all come to her defense, with many expressing their belief in her innocence and calling for a fair trial.

Kah’s lawyer, Damian Sheales, has also stated that they will be fighting the charges and are confident in their case. He has also criticized the stewards for their handling of the situation, accusing them of conducting a “smear campaign” against Kah.


The latest news surrounding Jamie Kah has caused a stir in the racing world and has raised important questions about integrity in the sport. While the charges against her are serious, it is important to remember that she is innocent until proven guilty.

As we await the verdict of the Victorian Racing Tribunal, one thing is for sure – Jamie Kah’s return to racing will be highly anticipated and closely watched by fans and critics alike. Whether she will be able to continue her successful career or face severe consequences remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – this controversy has left a mark on both Kah and the racing industry as a whole.


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