Kid gets basketball in head real video

In the vast realm of online entertainment, there exist certain videos that possess an uncanny ability to capture our attention and leave an indelible mark on our memories. Among these digital phenomena is the “Kid gets basketball in head real video,” a momentous clip that made its debut in 2014. Hosted on the renowned website, this video depicts a remarkable incident where a young child finds himself unexpectedly in the path of a basketball. Despite the passage of time, the video maintains its inexplicable allure, continuing to captivate audiences worldwide. In this article, we embark on a journey to uncover the story behind this viral sensation, exploring its enduring popularity, and the intriguing characters involved, all while shedding light on the reasons why it remains a captivating topic of discussion, even years after its initial release.

I. Real Video of a Child Being Hit with a Basketball

1. Introducing the Viral Clip:

The “Kid gets basketball in head real video” is a notable online clip that documents a rather unexpected and humorous incident. In this video, a young child, whose identity is revealed to be Brady, aged 11, hailing from Michigan, unwittingly becomes the star of an unforeseen basketball mishap. The footage captures the precise moment when a basketball collides with Brady’s head, resulting in a memorable and lighthearted sequence of events.

Kid gets basketball in head real video
Kid gets basketball in head real video

2. Impact and Reception Online:

Since its initial appearance on the internet back in 2014, the “Kid gets basketball in head real video” has left an enduring impression within the online community. It has garnered significant attention and engagement from viewers across various social media platforms. The charm of this video lies not in its violent nature but rather in the unexpectedness of the situation and the genuine reaction it elicits from Brady.



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The video has gained immense popularity over time, even propelling Brady and the video’s creator, Nathan Moszyk, into the realm of Vine stardom. Both their Vine accounts quickly amassed over 16,000 followers. Furthermore, the video’s unique elements, including Brady’s distinct vocal reaction, have inspired countless remixes and creative adaptations, solidifying its place in the annals of internet culture.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the intriguing journey of this viral video, exploring the people behind it and the impact it has had on the online landscape.

II. Vine Account Owners and Video Kid gets basketball in head real

1 Introducing the Vine Maestro – Nathan Moszyk:

The viral sensation, “Kid gets basketball in head real video,” owes its existence to the creative genius of Nathan Moszyk. Nathan, a Vine user, originally shared this remarkable video on the platform in June 2014. His decision to upload this unexpected moment would eventually lead to an unexpected surge in popularity for both himself and the young star of the video.

2. Meet Brady, the Unintended Star:

In the heart of this viral spectacle is Brady, an 11-year-old boy hailing from the state of Michigan. Little did he know that the fateful encounter with a basketball, which was captured in the video, would turn him into an internet sensation. Brady’s genuine reaction to the basketball hitting his head is what makes this video truly unique and endearing.

3. The Vine Nickname – Crack Kid:

Online communities have a knack for giving memorable nicknames, and in this case, Brady became widely known as “Crack Kid” on Vine. This moniker stuck, further contributing to his online persona and adding to the overall charm of the video.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the impact of this viral video, exploring how it transformed Brady and Nathan into Vine celebrities and examining the various ways in which the video’s unexpected humor has been embraced by the online community.

III. Fame and Influence of the “Kid gets basketball in head real video”

Rapid Rise to Fame: The “Kid gets basketball in head real video” catapulted both Brady and Nathan to unexpected fame following its initial posting. What started as an ordinary moment captured on camera soon turned these individuals into viral sensations. The internet’s fascination with the video was not only due to its humor but also the relatable nature of the incident, which resonated with viewers of all ages.

Vine Celebrity Status: As the video continued to gain traction, so did the Vine accounts of Brady and Nathan. Within a short span of time, their follower counts skyrocketed, collectively amassing over 16,000 dedicated followers. This sudden surge in popularity transformed them into recognized figures in the Vine community, marking the beginning of their newfound online careers.

The Viral Impact and Remix Culture: Beyond their growing follower counts, what truly set this video apart was Brady’s distinctive and unforgettable scream. Internet culture being what it is, this unique audio was remixed and incorporated into various other videos, further extending the video’s reach. Brady’s reaction became a meme in its own right, exemplifying how the internet community embraces and amplifies moments of humor and surprise.

IV. Conclusion

Summarizing the Memorable Moments: In retrospect, the “Kid gets basketball in head real video” stands as a testament to the unpredictability of viral fame. This video, captured in 2014, features young Brady inadvertently becoming the star of an unexpected and lighthearted basketball mishap. Through the lens of Nathan Moszyk’s camera, this moment became etched in internet history, endearing itself to viewers worldwide. The distinctive and genuine reaction from Brady, also known as “Crack Kid,” has left an enduring mark on the online community.

The Impact on Social Media: The sudden and enduring fame of this video serves as a fascinating case study of the power of social media to transform ordinary individuals into overnight sensations. Both Brady and Nathan’s Vine accounts, propelled by the video, achieved remarkable growth, accumulating over 16,000 followers. Beyond the immediate fame, the video’s unique audio, featuring Brady’s memorable scream, found its way into the remix culture of the internet, reinforcing its place in online folklore.

In the grand tapestry of the internet, where content comes and goes, the “Kid gets basketball in head real video” remains a symbol of unexpected joy and relatability, reminding us of the enduring charm of internet sensations and their lasting impact on the digital landscape.

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