Lari ada zombie viral tiktok trending online

Have you caught wind of the viral ‘lari lari ada zombie’ craze sweeping TikTok? This humorous trend involves participants pretending to flee from zombies, exclaiming “lari lari ada zombie,” which translates to “run, run, there’s a zombie” in Indonesian. Garnering millions of views, this trend has quickly ascended to massive popularity. In this article, we delve into the essence of the ‘lari lari ada zombie’ trend, unravel its widespread appeal, and guide you on how to join the fun.

I. Understanding the ‘Lari Lari Ada Zombie’ Trend

The ‘lari lari ada zombie’ trend involves TikTok users creatively filming themselves as they pretend to escape from imaginary zombies. Participants often enhance their videos with elaborate costumes and props, adding layers of creativity to their humorous escapades. This trend not only entertains but also showcases participants’ creativity and theatrical skills, making it a favorite among millions worldwide.

Lari ada zombie viral tiktok trending online
Lari ada zombie viral tiktok trending online

II. Why is the Trend So Captivating?

Several factors contribute to the allure of the ‘lari lari ada zombie’ trend:

Creativity and Self-Expression: It provides a playful platform for users to unleash their creativity through costumes, props, and dramatic enactments.

Participate in the 'Lari Lari Ada Zombie' Trend
Participate in the ‘Lari Lari Ada Zombie’ Trend

Physical Activity: It encourages participants to engage in physical activity, making exercise fun and enjoyable.
Community Engagement: The trend fosters a sense of community among users who share similar interests in creativity and humor.

Showcasing Talent: It allows users to display their creativity, sense of humor, and unique personalities.

III. How to Participate in the ‘Lari Lari Ada Zombie’ Trend

Joining this trend is straightforward and fun. Here’s how you can get involved:

Prepare Your Scene: Decide on your zombie scenario and plan your escape route. Feel free to use any props or costumes to enhance the realism or humor of your video.

Record Your Escape: Film yourself dramatically running from an imagined zombie while loudly exclaiming “lari lari ada zombie.”

Edit and Enhance: Add any special effects or edits to polish your video.

Share on TikTok: Upload your creation to TikTok with the hashtag #larilariazombie to join the community of fellow participants.


Lari lari ada plant of zombie @Katabapak @Anwarsn DTT19

♬ suara asli – aguswtr88 – aguswtr88

IV. Final Thoughts

The ‘lari lari ada zombie’ trend is more than just a viral challenge; it’s a vibrant expression of creativity and community on TikTok. Whether you’re looking to showcase your creative ideas, get a bit of exercise, or simply have a good laugh, this trend offers something for everyone. Dive into the fun and see why millions are enjoying this zany zombie chase. So grab your camera, get your running shoes on, and let the zombie chase begin!


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