Police searching for suspect in Prior Lake park shooting

Police Searching for Suspect in Prior Lake Park Shooting. A distressing incident has transpired at Prior Lake Park, leading to an intensive search for the suspect. As reported by, this incident occurred on Thursday afternoon, significantly disrupting the park’s serene atmosphere. Preliminary allegations suggest a tumultuous scenario tied to a relationship, jealousy, and a violent confrontation. The victim’s critical condition necessitates continuous medical attention, emphasizing the pressing need to apprehend the suspect. This article offers a succinct summary of the event’s date, location, initial allegations, and the present condition of the victim.

Suspect Information

The woman accompanying the victim told police that the father of her 3-year-old daughter was the culprit who shot this man. He is Schlotfeldt-Gidney and was sent to prison before their daughter was born, the complaint states, and he never met their daughter.

The woman told police that the victim was her current boyfriend and the father of her 3-month-old son.

Court documents note that Schlotfeldt-Gidney unexpectedly added the woman to Snapchat on Thursday morning and said he wanted her to go with him to California the next day. He added that they should meet to talk about their daughter and they agreed to meet in the park around 4 p.m.

The woman said she brought her new boyfriend because Schlotfeldt-Gidney had been physical with her in the past. When they got to the park, Schlotfeldt-Gidney walked behind her vehicle, her boyfriend got out and then she heard gunshots.

Police searching for suspect in Prior Lake park shooting
Police searching for suspect in Prior Lake park shooting

Incident details

Description of the Incident

According to charging documents, first responders who heard gunshots found a 28-year-old man lying on the ground, bleeding and suffering from a gunshot wound to his upper leg, around 4 :30 pm. The man was taken to hospital by ambulance in critical condition as the bullet hit near his femoral artery and he is expected to need further surgery and be admitted to the intensive care unit.

Event details from Witnesses:

Witness testimony about the suspect: A witness who was at the park when the incident occurred provided valuable information to law enforcement. According to witnesses, the suspect was seen placing the gun in the waistband of the victim’s pants before quickly leaving the scene.

The suspect’s vehicle used to escape: When witnesses recounted the incident, they said they saw the suspect quickly leave the area in a Tahoe. The hasty escape caused immediate concern, forcing authorities to hunt for the suspect.

The incident at Prior Lake Park shocked the community and led to an in-depth investigation. Authorities are committed to uncovering all relevant details in pursuit of justice. The phrase “Police searching for suspect in Prior Lake park shooting” encapsulates law enforcement’s ongoing efforts to bring clarity and resolution to this troubling incident.

Investigation Progress and Suspect’s Status:

Police Investigation Progress:
Authorities have made significant progress in investigating the Prior Lake Park incident. They are actively collecting evidence, conducting witness interviews, and analyzing the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Suspect’s Current Status (Tyler Deandre Schlotfeldt-Gidney):
Tyler Deandre Schlotfeldt-Gidney, the individual involved, was taken into custody on Friday afternoon. He is currently being held at the Scott County Jail. It’s important to remember that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. Legal proceedings will determine the appropriate course of action as evidence is thoroughly examined.


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