Somali Sprinter Video – Shock 22 second 100m

In this article, we will discover a surprise sprint performance by Somali athlete Nasra Abubakar Ali at the university game competition in Chengdu, China. The 100m race drew special attention when Nasra performed an unbelievable part, causing both the government to react and the online community to stand still. Let’s learn about Nasra Abubakar Ali and how she demonstrated her incredible sprinting abilities in this competition. Let’s review the controversial race video “Somali Sprinter Video – Shock 22 second 100m” with, and comment on the public’s reaction after the incident.

I. Somali Sprinter Video – Shock 22 second 100m

Somali sprinter video’ A ’embarrassed’ 22-second 100m sprinter has prompted the government to apologize after her performance sparked an online backlash .

Nasra Abubakar Ali’s performance at a university game competition in the Chinese city of Chengdu saw her finish about 10 seconds behind the race winner, who recorded a time of 11, 58 seconds.

Military Guy Gogogo Video
Military Guy Gogogo Video

Race footage shows Ms Abubakar Ali being left behind by her competitors almost immediately after the starting gun was fired.

Within six seconds, she was so slow that she disappeared from the camera frame as the other runners – led by a Brazilian contestant – sprinted to the finish line.

When the competitors regained their breath, Ms. Abubakar Ali appeared to jog the last few meters and even danced happily before she crossed the line after 21.81 seconds.

II. Watch Somali Sprinter Video

III. Somali Sprinter Video: Public reaction

After the video of the Somali Sprinter Nasra Abubakar Ali race was released, public opinion reacted strongly to her controversial performance. Some of the major reactions include:

Surprise and disbelief in the results: Most of the public was shocked and couldn’t believe the results of the race when Nasra Abubakar Ali ran the 100m in 22 seconds. This is a slow achievement by professional sprinters’ standards.


Doubts about the validity of the race: There are many opinions questioning the validity of the race and the video. Some have suggested that there may be an editing or technical error in the actual time recording of the race.

Protests for cheating: Some have suggested that Nasra Abubakar Ali’s performance may have been an act of fraud, intended to intentionally break the rules and draw attention to herself.

Request for investigation: Given the level of controversy and strangeness of the race, many people have asked the authorities to conduct an investigation to clarify the cause and verify the validity of the results.

Interest in the competition and the athlete: Despite the controversy, the race drew particular interest in the contestant and athlete Nasra Abubakar Ali. She became the center of attention and debate in the online community.

In the face of public backlash, the government also had to issue an apology and may have taken steps to clarify the situation. However, no specific information was provided on such measures.


The university game competition in the Chinese city of Chengdu made headlines when sprinter Nasra Abubakar Ali, from Somalia, put on an incredible performance. In the 100m race, Nasra finished in 22 seconds, causing great surprise and controversy from public opinion.

Nasra’s strange performance made many people unable to believe this result. She ran so slow that she disappeared from the camera frame shortly after the start, only to reappear and cross the finish line. This raised doubts about the validity of the race and many questioned the possible editing or cheating of the competition.


However, under the special attention from the online community and attention to the contest, the government had to issue an apology and conduct an investigation to clarify the situation. Nasra’s race has placed her at the center of controversy, sparking interest in the talents and efforts of athletes in international competitions.

The importance of athletes demonstrating their talents and efforts in international sports competitions is emphasized. Remarkable performances like Nasra’s are the motivation to encourage athletes to give their best and give their best in international sporting events.

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