Stabbing in Oxted Incident Today You tube

Stabbing in Oxted Incident Today You tube – A teenager has been taken to hospital with “serious injuries” after an attack in Oxted. Police quickly arrived on the scene and discovered a 17-year-old boy stabbed in a residential area south of town on Nunappleton Road, yesterday afternoon (October 19).

Surrey Police have launched an investigation into the attack which happened at 2.30pm on Thursday afternoon.

There was a heavy police presence in Hurst Green, Oxted, near the M25 at Godstone, and the boy was taken to hospital.

Police said they were keeping officers in the area for reassurance following the incident in Nunappleton Way.

The force informed members of the public about what had happened on the Tandbridge Beat Facebook page.

An appeal for information was issued in a social media post on Thursday which said,

“Investigations to establish what happened are ongoing and surrounding roads will be temporarily closed to facilitate this.

Stabbing in Oxted Incident Today
Stabbing in Oxted Incident Today

Officers will be in the local area providing reassurance, so please speak to them if you are concerned or have any information.

We are also appealing for anyone with any dashcam or doorbell camera footage from around the time of the attack, or any other information, to quote PR/45230118518 via DM.


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