Tyler Bigenho video: Dr Tyler Chiropractor Viral Trending On Twitter

News: In Newport Beach, California, Dr. Tyler Bigenho, a chiropractor, has stirred up the online community with his viral Tyler Bigenho video. This article delves into the details of the controversy surrounding the leaked video, shedding light on the relevant information. Dr. Tyler, operating under his real name, is renowned for his practice advocating comprehensive adjustments for both extremities and the entire body, coupled with decompression therapy. Notably, he stands out as one of the few chiropractors in California employing the Y Strap Adjustment method. Explore the repercussions of the video scandal and its effects in this discourse. Following on!

Tyler Bigenho video: Dr Tyler Chiropractor Viral Trending On Twitter
Tyler Bigenho video: Dr Tyler Chiropractor Viral Trending On Twitter

Dr. Tyler Bigenho video Viral Video on Twitter

In the recent days, online attention has surged towards Dr. Tyler, the chiropractor, whose video has rapidly gained viral status, especially on Twitter, sparking widespread sharing and discussions. Initial speculation among internet users hinted at the possibility of content within the video. However, it is crucial to highlight that certain websites have circulated fake videos to fabricate controversy surrounding Dr. Tyler. The authentic video, upon closer examination, appears to feature Dr. Tyler engaging in his chiropractic procedures with clients. Notably, Dr. Tyler consistently shares similar content on his active Instagram account, maintaining a robust online presence. Undoubtedly, the video has piqued the interest of numerous viewers.

The Public’s Interest in Dr. Tyler’s Videos – @Drtylerbigenho

The chiropractor Dr. Tyler @Drtylerbigenho has become a focal point of public interest due to the widespread circulation of viral videos featuring him. Over a period, online users have actively sought out content related to Tyler, given his consistent sharing of chiropractic work videos on various social media platforms, including a dedicated YouTube channel. Contrary to claims suggesting the virality of a private video, it can be concluded that Tyler regularly uploads content, and certain internet sources have falsely exaggerated the situation to increase their viewership.


It is imperative to emphasize that a substantial portion of these online platforms has disseminated fabricated videos with the sole intention of boosting their traffic. Dr. Tyler has not provided any official response to the current situation. The proliferation of these fake videos has stirred controversy around Dr. Tyler, necessitating a careful evaluation of the content’s authenticity. The public should exercise discernment when interacting with viral material and remain vigilant against the proliferation of misleading narratives.



Are the videos circulating online of Dr. Tyler genuine?

No, the majority of the videos are fake and have been created to generate controversy and views.

Does Dr. Tyler actively share videos of his work?

Yes, Dr. Tyler regularly shares videos of his chiropractic work on his social media accounts and YouTube channel.

How should internet users approach viral content related to Dr. Tyler?

Internet users should be discerning and cautious of fabricated stories, especially when it comes to viral content surrounding Dr. Tyler.

Is Tyler Bigenho Indonesian?

Dr. Tyler is part Indonesian! It must be the southeast asian genes!! Indonesian, not Filipino.

Who is Tyler Bigenho?

As a young, progressive chiropractor working to change the script, Tyler combines the power of chiropractic adjustments and manual work via massage to offer a deeper, more effective treatment to pain management for his patients.

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