Who is Fat Cat? Fat Cat’s SAD love story?

The case of a boy nicknamed Fat Cat (Fat Cat) jumping off a bridge to commit suicide because of love on April 11 is causing heated debate in public opinion everywhere. In contrast to the sympathy for Fat Cat, netizens expressed anger towards Dam Truc‘s girlfriend. Although not the direct cause of Fat Cat’s death, many netizens believe that Dam Truc is also partly responsible for the incident.

Who is Fat Cat? and the story of Fat Cat’s love

Fat Cat is the master of the game King of Glory

Fat Cat is the master of the game King of Glory
Fat Cat is the master of the game King of Glory

It is known that Dam Truc (1997, Chongqing, China). She met Fat Cat through playing games.
Through sharing from his sister Fat Meo, his main source of income comes from the profession of “plowing” games for rent. During the 2 years of loving Dam Truc, Fat Meo transferred a total of 510,000 yuan (about 1.8 billion VND) to his girlfriend, not including many other gifts.

From the viral messages, it can be seen that Fat Cat always meets all requests from his girlfriend who is 6 years older than him. Not only on anniversaries, Valentine’s Day… but usually guys also often transfer money to their girlfriends to please her. When the girl wanted to buy a bracelet for 9,999 yuan (about 35 million VND), the boy did not hesitate to transfer 10,000 yuan.

On Dam Truc’s birthday last March, the young man gave his girlfriend an iPhone 15. The girl even “boldly” asked Fat Cat for 40,000 yuan (about 143 million VND) to open a flower shop.

However, last April, Dam Truc said goodbye to Fat Cat. Finally, on April 11, a 21-year-old man jumped off the bridge and committed suicide. On April 23, the young man’s body was found.
After Fat Cat’s departure, Dam Truc’s initial attitude was said to not show any sadness. She only gave a short and cold explanation. Not long after that, Dam Truc also confided about traveling with friends.

Dam Truc’s girlfriend’s reaction to Fat Cat’s death

Facing the outrage of netizens, on the evening of May 4, Dam Truc apologized through two videos. She said she was extremely regretful and saddened by Fat Cat’s passing. Dam Truc expressed that she broke up with Fat Cat to check if he still loves her or not.

Dam Truc said: “I’m really sorry. Fat Cat, I didn’t appreciate you properly. Now I just want to make up. Can you come back? I’m really sorry for disappointing you.” Look forward.”
However, Dam Truc’s apology was not recognized by netizens. Many netizens said that her apology lacked sincerity and regret, like a temporary measure to escape public pressure. Some netizens even expressed discomfort with the way Dam Truc dressed in the apology video.

Some information provided by netizens about the character Dam Truc

Some netizens spread information about Dam Truc constantly showing off his “wealth”. She once boasted that she spent more than 1,000 yuan on T-shirts, of which the most expensive one cost 5,200 yuan. At this point, everyone can guess where Dam Truc got the money from.
Some netizens posted pictures of Dam Truc’s face on social networks. At first glance she looks very cute. However, some netizens believe that Dam Truc is not beautiful in real life, it’s all due to the effects and makeup. But one thing is for sure: she has the perfect body.

Fat Cat & Dam Truc
Fat Cat & Dam Truc

Notably, Dam Truc’s friends also posted information that she admitted that she liked girls and broke up in April last year, but because Fat Cat still transferred money, she continued.

Witnesses criticized Dam Truc

Recently, a girl suddenly spoke up and said she had been dating Dam Truc for 2 years and loved Fat Cat.

“I was the one who went to Dali with Dam Truc during the time they were in love.

At that time, I didn’t know about this so I dated her for almost 3 months. We started seeing each other in May and broke up last August. In October, I made friends again but I canceled.

Dam Truc and I met when we worked at a bar. She was my guest from the beginning and chose me to go drinking so we got to know each other. After a long time passed, I felt that she was a gentle person and knew how to talk. She also often went to bars to hang out, then gradually pursued me. She was very nice to me, gradually I had feelings for her and then we fell in love.

When we met, we traveled together and lived together, but I had absolutely no idea she had a boyfriend. She really hid it well. I also don’t have the habit of checking my lover’s private phone.

On January 23, my friend told me that she posted a photo celebrating her 2-year anniversary with Fat Cat, then I found out.”

This person said that because she was so hurt by Fat Cat’s story, she decided to speak up about this private matter. Attached to the article are many emotional messages between the girl and Dam Truc as well as pictures said to have been taken by the girl for Dam Truc when they went out together in Dali.

According to this girl, Dam Truc not only cheated on Fat Cat but also dated other lesbians, making her personal life complicated.


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